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The original reason for this website was to provide a place for me to share material concerning my interests in sailing and celestial navigation. That was a long time ago. Since those early days of the Internet I've managed to sail across the Pacific Ocean a number of times ( eleven times in my own boat Cirrus ) and lived to see the death of celestial navigation and the ubiquitous outpouring of GPS navigation systems even in watches, telephones and cameras.


I'm retired now, but for about 35 years I worked with Wladek Swiatecki (my mentor and colleague) at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory on a scientific program concerning the properties of nuclei.


The site includes some newsletters my wife Valerie and I started to keep friends up to date on our adventures. When we moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Hawaii, we lived on the boat for awhile then later we lived in a regular house and I spent a lot of time on renovation. We are still good friends, but since 2010 we have been separated and living apart.